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6 Responses to “Booking”

  1. Chryssi Stout-Yonkins

    Please Read? Thanks- Hello Michael. I sent a note via your FB but my FB has been messing up a lot lately so I thought I would send one here. Thanks for reading, much appreciation. I’ve been a fan for a long time and still have my records. I was wanting to please obtain a signed photo, To Chryssi, if possible. I can send a photo/sase, if you need. To hear from you would be more than wonderful. However, I do understand if time does not permit. Stay awesome, Michael! Peace-

    Chryssi Stout-Yonkins
    43760 Hartinger Road
    Pomeroy, Ohio 45769

  2. Jordan Mendiola

    I would like to know what are the true lyrics to your part in “I got 5 on it”. I feel like the lyrics on the internet are incorrect and seeing you in a video from 2013 has really been making me wonder what are the real lyrics? “Kind of broke ______ so all I got is 5”. Could you please tell me the lyrics?

    Thanks from a fan

  3. Thomas Müller

    Hi Michael , will be next Saturday for 2 weeks in Modesto and visiting some friends , any shows going on ? wanna buy some cds from you , please mail me your cell , much love from german thomas

  4. Tim

    Hi! I’m an editor at hoping to talk with Michael for a story on the history of “I Got 5 On It.” My friends and I always considered it a classic and I’m so happy it’s getting it’s due in “Us.” Would Michael have a moment to talk? If so I’m at 323-377-5268, and my email is



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