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Michael Marshall Grown & Sexy

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1. Cold World
2. She Gone Hate You
3. Picking Up The Pieces
4. BackStabbers
5. Tell Me feat. Kaila Love
6. It Seems
7. Listening To My Radio
8. Heartache feat. Equipto
9. I Don’t Wanna Hurt No More
10. Time Flies
11. Something Special
12. San Francisco

The Soul of The Bay Michael Marshall.Michael Marshall has many hits & memorable songs that will go down in history, like I Got 5 On It , Rumors , Who Is He, Legalize It & many more. These incredible songs have to make way for another dose of brilliance by Mr. Meezy. His NEW Project “Grown & Sexy” is out & has people wanting to just take a long ride or put their headphones on and just Zone Out. You can feel every verse, you can relax & get away from all the madness going on in the news & in politics. Go grab this new project on all your favorite Streaming sites or Right Here!

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1. Meezy feat. Equipto
2. I Love Music
3. Right Where I’m ‘Posed 2 Be feat. White Mic
4. Baby You Don’t Have 2 feat. Z-Man
5. Run The Tape
6. Music In My Head feat. Nate
7. Tonight
8. I’m Sorry feat. L*Roneous
9. You Can Let Go Now feat. LuckyIAm
10. Do You Miss Me feat. Rappin’ 4 Tay
11. Cold Frisco Night feat. Equipto
12. Everywhere I Go feat. L*Roneous, Otayo Dubb, & Heat
13. Kill The Light feat. Big Vic, & Telli Prego
14. Things I’ll Miss About You feat. Equipto
15. It’s Alright

1. You Can Get It Babe (feat. Equipto)
2. I’m Sorry (feat. L*roneous)
3. Run the Tape
4. Do You Miss Me (feat. Rappin’ 4 Tay)
5. How Do I Get Over You (feat. Terry Ellis)
6. Cycle of Life (feat. Equipto & The Sco Journers)
7. You Can Let Go! (feat. Luckyiam)

1. Baby I see (feat. Equipto)
2. Just trying to Bubble! (feat. Tabb Do, Equipto, & P.w. Esquire)
3. Colors and Lights
4. She comes to me
5. Drinks are on me- Long Island mix featuring E40, Deuce Eclipse, & Mistah Fab
6. Stop, Look, Listen! (feat. San Quinn, Mr. Fab & Spice 1)
7. Time To Legalize this Marijuana
8. Y I Get High. (feat. Opio)
9. Still about my Hustle! (feat. Hanz, Bossy 1 &Chapters)
10. Mr. Bodyguard (feat. Ishi Dubee & Rankin Scroo)

1. Overdue
2. Kimtro
3. Love Again
4. Listen 2 Me (feat. Rome)
5. Wakey Bakey (feat. Berner / Yukmouth)
6. Freeway Ride (feat. Shag Nasty / Tabb Doe)
7. Fish In The Sea
8. Can You Chill?
9. My Own Space (feat. P.W. Esquire / Sunspot Jonz)
10. I Drink Fernet (feat. Cognito / Skeptic)
11. I Write The Songs
12. She’s Always In My Hair (feat. Z-Man)
13. Frustration (feat. Dregs 1 / Mistah Fab)
14. Hopefully (feat. Shag Nasty)
15. Savon (feat. Savon / Shag Nasty)
16. Money Over Love (feat. Akil / FDOG)
17. When I Went Away (feat. P.W. Esquire)
18. Lonely

1. Intro
2. Who Is He My Story (feat. Femi)
3. What You Tryin To Do (feat. Akil / E-40 / Equipto)
4. Chemistry
5. Never
6. I Really Don’t Want It
7. Were You Going?
8. Girl If Its Cool
9. Figure It Out (feat. Equipto)
10. No Assumptions
11. Fresh (feat. Equipto / San Quinn / Willie Henn)
12. Do That Thing You Do
13. You Gone Love Me (feat. Equipto)
14. Alone Again Naturally
15. House Hooks
16. It’s Finally Over
17. We Fall Down (Outro)